Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rottingdean Grange, War Memorial and Into the Sunset

"Rottingdean Grange" :- This is "The Grange" in the historical village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England. It's a Georgian house that was originally built as a vicarage. It is speculated that the Rev Dr Thomas Redman Hooker had a tunnel built that lead from The Grange to the beach as he was not only a Reverend but also a smugglers’ “lookout”. According to their website (The Grange) it was used as an Officers’ Mess during WWII. The Grange is now a museum, art gallery and public library.

"War Memorial" :- It seems fitting that I post this image of Brighton's War Memorial in the few days after we have seen Remembrance Day and Veterans Day pass by. The Memorial was designed by the architect architect Sir John Simpson and was officially unveiled on the 7th October 1922. Apparently the design was meant to reflect that of a Roman water garden. Like a lot of buildings within Brighton the War Memorial has been given a protected status and is a Grade II listed structure.

"Into the Sunset" :- Serene, calming and moody. It's funny how you can get a feeling or notion that something's going to happen or fall just right. I'd been out for the day and was on my way home when I decided to carry on into town as there was something in the air that told me to keep going and head down towards the beach. So I drove past my home and ended up parking the car in Brighton Marina. Instead of heading out onto the pebbles something made me walk out along the Eastern arm of the marina wall instead. The salty water of the English Channel was deadly calm and unusually still. A couple of boats had dropped anchor and were motionless just off the shoreline. Then it happened. The sun fell behind the clouds and a radiant peachy glow fell over everything and all went silent. Even the fishermen on the sea wall stopped and watched for a while. It was one of those perfect moments.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill