Friday, 1 November 2013

Sap Pa Rot & Tængmo, The Watering Hole and Purple Palace

"Sap Pa Rot & Tængmo" :- Well,  looking at this image of mine it probably doesn't take much for you to work out that Sap Pa Rot (สับปะรด) is Thai for Pineapple and that Tængmo (แตงโม) is Thai for watermelon. This image was captured a few years ago (seven to be exact) as I was wandering around a local market in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Fresh fruit is easy to find in South East Asia and the pineapples and watermelons are absolutely wonderful. I can't think of a day that went by without having one of these (sometimes both) stocked up in the fridge and on standby.

"The Watering Hole" :- A moody and atmospheric black and white image captured in the village of Beddingham in Sussex, England. The natural pond is on nearby farmland that's by the edge of the road so I was able to get the image without having to climb any fence or stray onto private land. It was a very bright and hot day and the hills and downs in the distance seemed to "vanish in the haze" (phrase borrowed from "Help!" by Lennon /McCartney). The area that Beddingham village resides in was settled in pre-Roman times and can be traced back to the Iron Age. Virginia Woolf used to spend her holidays and weekends (during 1912–19) nearby at Asham House which was a Grade II listed house but was (unforgivingly) demolished on 12th July 1994.

"Purple Palace" :- No prizes for knowing where this fine building is located. Nope, it's not India but England and famously in the city of Brighton on the south coast. It started out life in 1787 as a reasonably small seaside home for George, the Prince of Wales (who became the Prince Regent in 1811 and then became King George IV). Slowly the pavilion became a palace as more and more designs and work were added. The Royal Pavilion that you see before today is mainly down to the designer John Nash. This shot was captured at the beginning of the year when the ice rink was still operational for the holiday season and the Palace was floodlit at night. They are currently n the process of creating the ice rink once again for the upcoming festive season.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill