Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thai Cook, Heaven's Mirror and Closed Doorway

"Thai Cook" :- I loved his little street food cafe. It was situated on Ratpakinai Road in the city of Chiang Mai. The couple that owned it and ran it created some wonderful Thai dishes that were delicious and very cheap. They were always happy and willing to have a chat and a laugh. We made sure we ate there several times a week. Then it was suddenly closed and they moved out. The building was knocked down and a new garish building sprung up in its place. I often wonder where they moved to and if they are still creating their wonderful food.

"Heaven's Mirror" :- A very low tide, a wet stretch of sand, a cloudy sky and a sunset all came together for a moment that I was lucky enough to be there for. It was an absolute joy and pleasure to take it all in, it was very calming and very serene. It was a perfect moment.

"Closed Doorway" :- A shot of an ancient blocked up doorway in the wall of St Andrews Old Church in Hove, England. Apparently the church served as Hove's parish church for several centuries up until 1892. St Andrew's Church is a Grade II listed building. I wish could tell you more about this doorway and ts history but I can't seem to find anything about it at all. It looks wonderful though and very medieval (though it may not be).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill