Monday, 25 November 2013

The A27, Low Tide at Brighton and Pier Lamp

"The A27" :- Shot from the small footbridge that's part of Juggs Road and somewhere between the town of Lewes and the village of Kingston in Sussex, England. This is a view looking West, in the distance (just of center) you can see a large copse of trees that are near the village of Falmer. The A27 is a major route and is one of the busiest trunk roads in the UK.

"Low Tide at Brighton" :- A myriad of dancing lights are mirrored in the wet sands and pools left by a very low tide on the Sussex coast of England. Brighton twinkles and sparkles into the night patiently waiting for its reflections to be swallowed up by the returning tide and the mass of water that is the English Channel.

"Pier Lamp" :- The Pier in Brighton is very famous and well known for it's amusements, rides, bars and various restaurants etc. Thousands walk along its boards each and every year as it stands steadfast and proud as a Victorian legacy. But not many really stop to take her all in and see how she looks. She's a fine example of Victorian engineering and design and is most probably one of the grandest and ornate piers that you can discover as you travel around the British coast. Her filigree iron railings are instantly recognisable as being part of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill