Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Cape, Groyne Steps and Life is But a Dream

"The Cape" :- This is a view from the pathway that passes alongside "The Cape" apartments situated on Marine Drive in the coastal village of Rottingdean near Brighton, England. The building is one of the more modern developments in the ancient and historical village and the apartments themselves can go for some serious prices (£420,812 or £1,650 pcm to rent etc) due to their location and views over the English Channel.

"Groyne Steps" :- Old concrete steps that lead from the promenade down onto the breakwater / groyne at "Black Rock" near the marina in Brighton, England. Large pebbles lay strewn across the walkway where the sea has lifted them up and thrown them over the wall. Some old packaging has been left 'neatly' on top of the rubbish bin / trash can neatly defeating the purpose of the bin itself.

"Life is But a Dream" :- It's hard to imagine how this used to look. To many it's just a few metal posts and an odd looking iron structure resembling some sea ridden climbing frame. For me it's something completely different, I remember how it used to look ... I remember walking around on it! This was once the magnificent Grade I listed Victorian West Pier that graced the seafront of Brighton & Hove on the south coast of England. She was spectacular and through sheer neglect she was allowed to slowly deteriorate until she was no longer safe to the public and was eventually closed to all in 1975. In 2003 a couple of suspicious fires (the West Pier Trust refers to the fires as the work of "professional arsonists") took what was left of her leaving just the skeletal remains you see now.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill