Friday, 29 November 2013

The Post & Telegraph, Royal Window and Smothered by Nature

"The Post & Telegraph" :- This grand looking building was once a bank. It was built between 1921 and 1923 as a branch of the National Provincial Bank which later became the National Westminster Bank (or NatWest as it was more commonly known). It has since been recognised as yet another of Brighton's historical buildings and has gained a Grade II listing. It's now The Post & Telegraph, a large and ostentatious public house owned by the J D Wetherspoon chain.

"Royal Window" :- A shot looking up at a window situated within the North wall of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England. Concealed floodlights pick out the minarets making them look like some booster rockets from the 1700's while the rest of the ornate building does its best to hide in the shadows and go unnoticed. You have to wonder who's looked out of this window over the years as the Royal palace has played home to Royalty and host to many dignitaries and celebrities over the years. George the Prince of Wales had the pavilion built, he later became Prince Regent when his father became seriously ill and then became King George IV. Queen Victoria also stayed at the Pavilion many times before favouring Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Haile Selassie (a defining figure in both Ethiopian and African history) also visited and Barbara Streisand filmed a few scenes inside and out for the film "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever ".

"Smothered by Nature" :- Green is a most restful and peaceful colour. It's easy on the eyes and very relaxing. Why do I say that? Well there's an easy explanation that's in a form of a few questions? What if all leaves were blue? What if grass was red? Yes, I know oranges and reds appear in Autumn / Fall along with rustic browns but green is the predominant colour. Thick, rich, lavish emerald and jade greenery. This shot was taken just two minutes walk from the very busy London Road out of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill