Saturday, 2 November 2013

View Point, It's a Hard Life and Terrace Restaurant

"View Point" :- An empty bench sits on the edge of a clifftop overlooking the English Channel. A shot from one of my afternoon jaunts out with the camera. I'd set off from home and walked up and over the hill into the old part of the village of Ovingdean and then headed down to the seafront and undercliff walk. I was intentionally only going to walk along to the next village of Rottingdean but found myself carrying on until I got to Saltdean where I then took the steps back up and wandered along the top of the cliffs which was when I captured this.

"It's a Hard Life" :- Early evening on the shores of Lake Siutghiol, a lagoon (in Northern Dobruja) that is located in Mamaia, a district of Constanța in Romania. We'd driven a van for days from England and had finally reached our destination and found much to our delight that we had a day to ourselves before having to turn around and head back on another long drive to the UK. We thought we'd scout out the address we'd been given for the following day and while we were doing that we stumbled upon Lake Siutghiol just as the sun was setting. Well, I say stumbled upon it but to be perfectly honest we couldn't miss it as it's huge and extends over 20 km² and has a maximum depth (apparently) of 18 m.

"Terrace Restaurant" :- A Brighton seafront restaurant bathed in its own neon glow on the south coast of England. The old Victorian terraces were constructed in 1890 and have been through a lot of changes over the last 120 years or so. I remember this area before it had been built upon. Various childrens rides and amusements used to sit here as well as an old 1930's stone bandstand, they've all long gone now but that's hardly surprising as I am thinking back to the early 70's. The entire area has been rejuvenated with restaurants but I have to say that i personally have never set foot in any of them and leave that sort of thing for the day trippers and holiday makers. In the window on the far right of this image you can clearly make out the lights of the Victorian pier and can even see the helter skelter all lit up too. The white light reflecting in the front window on the left is the coming from the Brighton Wheel that's all lit up at night.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill