Friday, 8 November 2013

William the Fourth, Lily Pond and the Power & the Glory

"William the Fourth" :- Old records show that the "William the Fourth" public house in Brighton (England) was previously known as the "Gardeners Arms". The records go on to show that the "Gardeners Arms" was at No.16 Church Street and not at No.4 Church Street where the "William the Fourth" is and that the pubs had different landlords. Obviously somewhere along the line the old records of Tamplins Brewery got crossed. The building is most certainly Victorian as the first listing of a landlord there is a William George in 1832. The pub itself is pretty nondescript and nothing much to shout about. At the weekends when 99% of Brighton's pubs are full to the brim with drinkers, partiers and half of London you can probably find some space and a seat at the William IV. There's a split level floor for you to trip over after a pint or two and even a combination / code lock on the toilets so you have to ask the staff before you can go. It's a most charming establishment!

"Lily Pond" :- Not the sort of thing you normally see processed as a black and white image but I knew that the thick green, leathery leaves on the water would produce a myriad of tones and shades. The pond in question is the small ornamental pond that sits in front of the famous Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England.

"Power & the Glory" :- A dramatic stormy sky and clouds during a sunset near a mountain range in Romania. If my memory serves me correctly we were somewhere between Sebes and Sibiu and still had a very long way to go before we reached our destination of Constanța on the Romanian Black Sea. This image almost looks like it's been created in a 3D program, all the elements are there and look as if they were carefully placed to create the perfect image and look. To be honest it was luck that created this image and a real case of being in the right place at the right time with my camera at hand!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill