Thursday, 26 December 2013

A New Perspective, Shady View and All That Glistens

"A New Perspective" :- When photographing the Victorian Bandstand on the seafront I usually stand with my back to Brighton, facing the sea so that the ornate and beautiful Victorian craftsmanship can be clearly seen and photographed. This time I thought i'd do something different so i stood with my back to the sea and looked back up the beach towards the raised bandstand with brighton forming the backdrop. It gives you an idea of it's location and close proximity to the coast road and other architecture. The bandstand (also affectionately known as 'The Birdcage') was designed by a Brighton Borough Surveyor named Phillip Lockwood. It was completed in 1884 and is considered to be one of the finest examples of a Victorian bandstand still surviving in England today.

"Shady View" :- Saltdean beach and seafront as seen from the steps of the 1930's built Whitecliffs Cafe on the south coast of England. Whilst Brighton's architecture is predominantly Georgian and Victorian Saltdean's is very much 1930's. As well as the beach cafe Saltdean also boasts two buildings that were designed by the British architect Richard William Herbert Jones. Both the Art Deco Lido and the Grand Ocean Hotel (now the Grand Ocean Apartments) were completed in 1938 and still exude their 1930's look to this very day.

"All That Glistens" :- So long after we are gone just what will our planet look like? If some sort of entity in centuries from now were to land on Earth and see what we'd left behind what exactly would it make of us or think of us? Derelict buildings come in all shapes and sizes, from Royal Palaces and Grand Theatres to tower blocks and housing estates. Would it be able to work out that all were used by the same race of people or would it assume that there was a divide in race? Would it work out that some structures were built to look like they did like the Eiffel Tower and that others were merely shells like the West Pier on Brighton seafront in this image? All these thoughts and questions lead me to one conclusion and that is why I never trust an "Expert" when they inform me about how it used to be in Ancient Egypt or during the Dark Ages or when Neanderthal Man or Dinosaurs walked the earth. We know very little but always like to sound like we know it all. We don't. We speculate, surmise & assume and often end up the wrong path completely. Unless it was all written down (which it wasn't) we haven't got a clue ... no more than an entity would if it landed here in the far and distant future.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill