Friday, 13 December 2013

Arad Tower Block, Madeira Cafe and Wall Flowers

"Arad Tower Block " :- Arad is the 12th largest city in Romania and located in the West of the country, it has a population of (approx) 198,000 and was first documented in 1028 AD. According to "Today, Arad is an important industrial center and transportation hub, as well as home to two universities, a Romanian Orthodox theological seminary, a training school for teachers, and a music conservatory. Churches and cathedrals in the city span four centuries, several denominations, and architectural styles ranging from baroque to neoclassic." I found the city a fascinating and interesting place to explore during the two hours I spent there as we were travelling through and on our way to Constanța. In this image a residential tower block overlooks the tram lines and cables.

"Madeira Cafe" :- Here's a very moody and atmospheric shot of the well known Madeira Cafe that's situated on Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront. The shutters were down and the cafe was locked up tight for the night. Nothing stirred and not a soul could be seen apart from some fool with a camera ... me. The cafe's website ( states that "It has a long history starting (in) 1838 as the Chain Pier Keepers House." The cafe also welcomes bikers and there's often a large collection of motorbikes parked up as the leather clad grab a bite to eat there.

"Wall Flowers" :- The terraces at Rottingdean (a coastal Village near Brighton, England) were built in the 1950's. They had fallen into a state of disrepair after years of neglect but have recently been refurbished and renovated and are now looking as good as new and better than ever. These wonderful purple flowers were spotted growing on part of of the terrace wall.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill