Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bike On High, Festive Palms and Amazing Graze

"Bike On High" :- A bicycle leans up against the old Victorian iron railings that line Marine Parade on Brighton's unmistakable seafront promenade on the south coast of England. It was a warm and sunny April morning and I'd decided to take a wander on the upper terrace that runs along the length of Madeira Drive. This was once an exposed chalk cliff face and many forget that much of Brighton is on a cliff top. The Victorians were great at engineering and undertook the task of pinning back the chalk cliffs and covering them with concrete which had the double effect of stopping further erosion of the front and creating a promenade and high wall. The terrace that I took the photo from was built in 1890, it now looks rather rundown and unkempt but it must have looked wonderful in its heyday!

"Festive Palms" :- Palm trees are not something that you expect to find or see when visiting Brighton in England. It's not known as a tropical place and is certainly not known for it's exotic foliage and fruits! However, if you venture down to Brighton marina and explore the Marina Village you will find several palms that line the road and give the area a more Mediterranean feel (even if the weather and temperature is telling you otherwise). At the moment the palms have been decked with lights for the holiday season and they were sparkling and twinkling in the rain soaked night.

"Amazing Graze" :- Sheep graze in a cliff top field overlooking the famous "Seven Sisters" chalk cliffs (in the distance) and the English Channel. A disused and derelict barn shows signs of times gone by. The field (and view) is located between the town of Seaford and Cuckmere Haven (also known as the Cuckmere Estuary). It's one of the most picturesque places you can visit in the south of England and the cliffs have appeared many times in films and TV programs often doubling up as the white cliffs of Dover.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill