Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Blue Properties, Marina Subpass and Nautica

"Blue Properties" :- An estate / property agents sits locked up and quiets for the night in a 19th Century residential estate in the east of Brighton (East Sussex, England, UK) known as Kemp Town. The area was named after Thomas Read Kemp (December 23, 1782 – December 20, 1844) who conceived and financed the construction of the area and later fled Britain in 1837 to escape his creditors. He later died in Paris is buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery.

"Marina Subpass" :- An unsightly man made environment and world. A mass of concrete and metal. No greenery, trees, plants or grass to be seen. No blue sky or clear water. Just hard walls and floor. This is one of the the public tunnels that runs from the car park to the cinema, gym and casino in Brighton Marina. It's not the most glamorous or aesthetically pleasing constructions I have seen. It's cold, bare and often blowing a gale through it.

"Nautica" :- Not a shot from Brighton but a shot of the small Marina at Newhaven in Sussex, England. In the distance (up on the hill) you can make out the old World War II fort (far left) and the Newhaven NCI (National Coastwatch Institution) lookout which is built on the cliff top on Castle Hill over 250 feet above sea level (left of centre). The lookout and fort were built on this location because on a clear day, a total exceeding 400 square miles can be observed and watched over. Webcams (East & West) from the Newhaven NCI Lookout can be found here :-

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill