Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bodhi Tree Shrine, Bikes & Pier and Green Grow the Rushes

"Bodhi Tree Shrine" :- Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment whilst sitting at the base of a Bodhi tree. The Bodhi is in fact a variety of fig tree. It fascinates me that the fig and it's tree crops up in most variations of religion. It's the first plant mentioned in the Bible (apparently it's 57 times that it gets a mention), it's leaves are used to cover the 'naughty bits' of Adam and eve in illustrations and many works of art and sculptures throughout the ages. It was also worshipped by the Romans and the floating cradle of Romulus and Remus is said to have become entangled in its roots. I found this shrine and tree by the moat on Moon Muang Road in the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Bright gauze sashes in many colours are tied around the trunk as an offering and a small shrine is at its base where offerings can be placed.

"Bikes & Pier" :- A quiet day on the seafront at Brighton. Just a few people brave enough to sit on the beach and face the chill that the end of the year brings with it. Three bicycles stand patiently, waiting for their owners to return and unlock them so that they are free to roam the historic resort.

"Green Grow the Rushes" :- This is a different view and perspective of the pond in Rottingdean, a very historical village on the south coast of England. During the warmer and sunnier months the rushes grow thick and high around the edges of the water and provide some shade for the moorhens and ducks that reside there. If you look through the rushes in this shot you'll notice a house pretty much in the center of the image. The house is called "The Elms" and it was built by William Ridge in 1745. Rudyard Kipling rented The Elms for three guineas a week from 1897 until 1902 and wrote many of the "Just So Stories" here. Certain parts of the "Kipling Gardens" are open and free for the public to wander around.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill