Saturday, 14 December 2013

Brass Quartet, Graveyard and Mill and Relinquishing the Day

"Brass Quartet" :- Photographed a couple of days ago on Thursday evening (12th December 2013). Feeling the urge to out I decided to grab the camera and walk an hour and a half into Brighton (England). It had been raining but the streets and shops were still busy with Christmas shoppers. I cut down the pedestrianised New Road and sat for a while on a bench opposite the Theatre Royal where a group of students were playing carols and festive tunes on their instruments. My timing was essential once again for this shot as the road was very busy and many people were heading to the theatre.

"Graveyard and Mill " :- This is the graveyard of the Church of Saint John the Baptist in the village of Clayton in Sussex, England. The church itself is a small and simple Anglo-Saxon building and has an incredible set of 12th Century paintings still on it's interior walls. This view (looking South) from the back of the church looks up from the gravestones towards a couple of distant windmills (left of center) on the high horizon. The black one is called "Jack", is privately owned and being restored hence it's missing its top and sails. The more prominent white one is called "Jill", she's a traditional working corn windmill within the South Downs National Park and is looked after by the Jack and Jill Windmills Society.

"Relinquishing the Day" :- Brighton beach and coastline hangs onto the last srips of fading light as a few day trippers refuse to dry off and make their way home. The beach bars and clubs prepare for a busy evening and the rest of the seaside resort gets ready for a tidal influx of people hitting the town. The image was shot on the 9th July 2013 from the decks of Brighton's famous pier.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill