Monday, 16 December 2013

Calm and Illuminating, Madeira Drive and Booster

"Calm and Illuminating" :- A night shot taken from one of the lower pontoons at Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. The large building with the orange lights and glow around it is "The West Quay" (formerly called "Jackson's Wharf") which is a large, two-storey pub and restaurant owned by the J D Wetherspoon chain. On the right hand side you can see the lights from a string of restaurants that line "Mermaid walk" which is part of the Marina Village.

"Madeira Drive" :- Wet, cold and deserted. Madera Drive is the lower road and promenade that runs from Brighton's famous Victorian pier and the Brighton Wheel all the way along to Duke's Mound, Black Rock and the Marina. The road is (approx) 1.2 miles or 1.93 kilometers in length and takes 25 minutes to walk along. It's lined with the famous Victorian iron arches and terrace (built in 1890) on one side and is flanked by the pebbled beach and English Channel on the other side. This was all once under water and part of the English Channel itself. Due to clever placing of breakwaters the beach slowly built up in height by utilising Longshore drift which eventually allowed reclamation of the land.

"Booster" :- Up upon the downs behind Woodingdean this booster aerial mast sits overlooking Brighton and the surrounding area. It's located along a dirt track known as Drove Avenue which later joins up with the South Downs Way. Using this route you can walk from Woodingdean all the way along to the ancient and historical town of Lewes which is (approx) 4 miles or 6.43 kilometers. Some of the scenery and views along the way are spectacular. The entire walk takes an hour and a half.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill