Monday, 23 December 2013

Emerald Field, Defying Gravity and Sea Legs

"Emerald Field" :- Rich , lush crops and greenery stretch up towards the boundary wall of a farmer's field in the ancient village of Ovingdean on the outskirts of Brighton in the south of England. The village dates back a long way as it was already in existence in 1086 as it has a couple of entries in the Domesday book. Evidence has been found of a medieval manor house in one of these fields. If you take the public footpath and right of way up over the hill in the shot it brings you out near Roedean and the edge of Brighton itself. It's a walk I have taken many times and it offers wonderful sea views.

"Defying Gravity" :- The water was calm and still as I took an early evening stroll past Brighton Marina that the buildings and their respective reflections gave the appearance of everything simply floating in space. It's very rare that you see it like this without a ripple. There's usually at least one gull floating around disturbing the mirrored effect and often it's accompanied by a plastic cup, bag or some rubbish floating by too.

"Sea Legs " :- A thick sea mist rolled in by the remains of the West Pier on Brighton Beach. All sounds were deadened and muffled. No cries from nearby gulls, no lapping of water or crashing waves, even the traffic up on the coast road seemed to be whispering as it carefully crawled along towards its destination. The tide was out and at its lowest so I made my way down the beach and to the waters edge where the old legs of the West Pier stood supporting nothing but air. Quiet. Deadly still and deadly quiet. I took the shot and then walked back up towards the road while each step I took made a deafening sound on the pebbles.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill