Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ewe Bottom Field, Level Up and Rainbow Sands

"Ewe Bottom Field" :- This image was shot way back in October 2012. I'd been out over the downs to visit "The Chattri" which is a memorial to Indian soldiers who fought for the British Empire during the First World War. It's situated 500 feet (150 m) above the city on the South Downs above the suburb of Patcham, and is accessible only by bridleway but I found on the way out to it I had to cross a field that was full of Bulls. Many of them got spooked but a few thought it better to make their way towards me at speed which was more than unnerving. On the way back I decided to avoid the bull field and managed to make my way via a different route down to a lane that neatly circumnavigated the four legged problem which was when i took this shot of the wonderfully named "Ewe Bottom Field".

"Level Up" :- A flight of reasonably modern designed steps help navigate the split level nature of Brighton Marina. The shops and Marina Village are at road / street level whereas the restaurant area by the quayside is on the upper level known as "Mermaid Walk". The stairs are a mixture of metal and planked wood which is fine on sunny days but due them being out in the open when it rains the planking becomes like an ice rink which as far as I am concerned was a huge oversight when they were originally designed. Whenever they get wet you will find many plastic "A" framed signs placed at strategic points warning those brave enough to take the stairs that they are "Slippery When Wet". I always take care when going up or down them as I don't want to find myself having Bon Jovi as one of my last ever thoughts!

"Rainbow Sands" :- The beauty of Brighton Beach comes to the fore as a very low tide coincides with a spectacular sunset. The light from the illuminated Pier glistens and shimmers in the wet sand creating a myriad of colours that are quite simply breathtaking. Distant screams and noises drift over the gentle waves as thrill seekers brave the fairground attractions on the end of the Victorian tourist magnet on the south coast.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill