Thursday, 12 December 2013

I Put This Moment Here, Sunlight Flight and Wykeham Terrace

"I Put This Moment Here" :- Sunset as seen from the eastern end (near the Marina) of Brighton beach, England. The tide was just on its return and the shallow water was refracting the light which made it look a wonderful turquoise blue as it ran over the sand below. A weathered and battered breakwater added some interest to the overall view as it stood silhouetted against the golden horizon.

"Sunlight Flight" :- A large flight of stairs leads from Stroudley Road up to The Jurys Inn Hotel and also provides access to the car park and back entrance to Brighton's Victorian built train station. This entire area has been regenerated over several years. It used to be filled with old warehouses and yards and was extremely run down. It amazes me that the desolation that was there before has been replaced with a far more modern version as there's very little that's pleasing to the eye and when you wander around the area it still feels very desolate even though it's busy and built up.

"Wykeham Terrace" :- This row of 12 early 19th-century houses is known as Wykeham Terrace. It was completed in 1830 and has been used for many things including a home for former prostitutes and a base for the Territorial Army. However it's now 100% residential and is listed as a Grade II building because of its architectural and historical importance. I grabbed the shot by looking over the wall of St Nicholas' Church, (Brighton's oldest Christian place of worship). Various famous people have at one time or another lived at Wykeham Terrace including Dame Flora Robson (actress ), the art historian Sir Roy Strong, David Courtney (singer-songwriter and record producer) and Adam Faith (singer ). It fascinates me that Tudor influences still appear in reasonably modern architecture. This looks as though it could have been commissioned by Henry VIII or have been the home of Cardinal Wolsey. It is however a stunning looking building that's located in the middle of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill