Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Into the Great Wide Open, Exhibit A and Green Spread

"Into the Great Wide Open" :- There's a high probability that many of you will have seen certain structures and parts of Brighton crop up time and time again in many of my images. They are my muses and I will return to them whenever I can as I love them all dearly and am fascinated by them even though I have known them all my life. I thought I'd post this image today as it's very different from the way that I normally portray these structures. This is a long shot from the upper promenade that shows the lower promenade, "The Bird Cage" Victorian Bandstand (far left), the ruins of the West Pier (left of center) and for some reason there's also a couple of large, ghastly metal containers placed on the beach for your viewing pleasure. It gives you a rough idea of where these things are in relation to each other. I also like the three bands of colour that image has with the sky, sea and brown pebbles, dirt and paving.

"Exhibit A" :- A very contrasting image of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. The reason I titled it "Exhibit A" is because many go into the building to look at the museum exhibits without realising that they are actually standing within one of the finest exhibits Brighton has to offer. The building is part of the Dome Complex. The Dome Concert Hall, the Corn Exchange and the Studio Theatre are linked to the rest of the Royal Pavilion Estate by an underground tunnel to the Royal Pavilion in Pavilion Gardens and through shared corridors to Brighton Museum, as the entire complex was built for the Prince Regent (later George IV) and completed in 1805.

"Green Spread" :- I discovered this beautiful emerald green canopy and tree in "Jubilee Gardens" on Juggs Road which leads out of Lewes and over the A27 towards the village of Kingston. I had decided to walk all the way back from Lewes to Ovingdean allowing me to explore along the way and take in the wonderful countryside of Sussex. The rich green hues and sunlight mixed with the earthy browns and I stood there for several minutes taking it all in before grabbing the shot and moving on.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill