Monday, 30 December 2013

Level Cycle Lane, Watts and Water and Slats

"Level Cycle Lane" :- "The Level" is a municipal park situated between Richmond Terrace and Ditchling Road in Brighton. I grew up in this area and lived just up the road so this park was a place a I frequented a lot as a child. Twice a year the travelling fair would set up and stay for a couple of weeks. I loved it. The Level has recently undergone a complete restoration, a new skateboard / bike park has been created and the children's play area has been completely redesigned and landscaped. The park also has a large elm tree collection which supports a colony of (endangered species) White-letter Hairstreak butterflies.

"Watts and Water" :- Low tide at dusk on Brighton beach. According to the Brighton Pier website it takes 62,000 light bulbs to illuminate Brighton Pier using a selection of energy saving bulbs, neons and low voltage lights. I think this image of mine somehow evokes a feeling of the 30's and 40's, an age where gentlemen wore trilby hats, shirts, ties, pleated trousers and two tone shoes.

"Slats" :- This image is something a little different and not the sort of thing that I normally photograph. It's of a large air vent to a car park that's around the back of Brighton Town Hall in Bartholomew Square. It caught me eye because it was dented and a bit out of whack. I thought it was very visual in an abstract sort of way.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill