Saturday, 21 December 2013

Long Shadows, St James's Street and Fields of Fire

"Long Shadows" :- A late afternoon stroll along Hove's wide and spacious promenade provided me with this photo opportunity. It was a sunny but very fresh April day with a cold chill in the air. The sun was preparing to vanish on the day and was therefore casting some lengthy shadows as it said its goodbyes.

"St James's Street" :- After an evening / night spent in a Brighton pub I finally decided to make my way home which equated to an hour and a half walk. It was 2 am in the morning, it had been raining and the streets were glistening from the glow of the street lights and shop windows. I stopped briefly (looking back towards the direction of the pub I'd been in) and grabbed a quick shot while the road was relatively quiet.

"Fields of Fire" :- From Woodingdean all the way to the village of Falmer itself the Falmer Road (also known as The Drove or B2123) offers some stunning views and scenery as it crosses part of the downs before it dipping at either end. On this particular evening I was on my way to Stanmer Park when this sunset broke and lit up the horizon. Without even having time to think I pulled over (safely of course) in the car and took a few shots. The County of Sussex (England) has some wonderful and historical scenery throughout.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill