Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Outliving All, Forever in Our Thoughts and Three Elephants

"Outliving All" :- A large and extremely ancient Yew tree stands in the churchyard of St. Mary & St. Peter´s in Wilmington, Sussex, England. The tree is estimated to be over 1,600 years old so was standing in its place way before the 11th Century church was built. This means that the tree was planted somewhere around 400 AD and is now considered to be the oldest living yew tree in England. The trunk is so huge (it has a girth of 23 feet / 7.0 m) that much of the tree has to be supported by telegraph poles (cut to size).

"Forever in Our Thoughts" :- When I look at this view I do not see twisted metal, a skeletal frame or iron posts supporting nothing. I see a grand and elegant Victorian pier standing off the shore of Brighton beach offering entertainments, music and laughter. I can remember walking on her decks in the early 70's. There was crazy golf and a hall of mirrors and none of the noisy flashing arcade games that we see today. It was of an age and time gone by where things were more refined and relaxed. Your senses had a chance of surviving a day out instead of being bombarded from all directions. Now she sits, silent and forlorn with her elegant shape bared for all to see. The rest of her has long since gone, destroyed by storms and fire but I still think she's a beauty and I love her so very much.

"Three Elephants" :- I shot this image within the Maesa Elephant Camp which is a privately owned elephant camp less than one hour from the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. I patiently waited for the crowds to die down and the mahouts then very kindly rode and steered the elephants into position for the photo. I love this image because of the intense and bright sunlight, the shaded pachyderms (elephants) and the tall trees in the background. The camp currently has 73 elephants and approximately 80 mahouts.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill