Sunday, 8 December 2013

Radiation, St Margaret's Door and Shadow Run

"Radiation" :- The late afternoon winter sunset turned the sky and the beach into an odd and rather strange colour. It felt at the time as if I was standing on the shores of far off some alien planet. It looked to me as if something harmful was in the air as all around me turned to a sandy orange / brown like it was choking the life out of everything. It was another beautiful and strange sunset on the shores of Brighton in England.

"St Margaret's Door" :- Well as you may have guessed from the title this is a door in St Margaret's Church which can be found in the ancient and historic village of Ditchling in Sussex. In the the lower walls of the nave the remains of an older Saxon church can be found as the current and present church was built on top of the older one. That does not mean that St Margaret's is new as the church still dates dates from the late 12th century! The church was built on a sandy knoll or hill so that it overlooks the village. The village of Ditchling is first recorded in 765 ad as Dicelinga in a grant by King Alduuf of land that bordered it.

"Shadow Run" :- Instantly recognisable as being part of Brighton (on the south coast of England) these ornate and beautiful arches have stood looking out over the sea for 123 years. The iron pillars and filigree latticework were constructed along with the terrace, Madeira lift and sheltering hall (now the Concorde 2 music venue) in 1890. They've appeared in many movies and Tv shows and are as famous as Brighton's piers and the Royal Pavilion. The Phoenix Ironworks (late 1800's) several miles away in the town of Lewes supplied the decorative railings for the promenade, seats, shelters and much of the Madeira Terrace cast ironwork as well as the lampposts and columns, gratings, manhole covers and coal hole covers.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill