Sunday, 1 December 2013

Stage Door Lights, One Man and His Dog and Quire Light

"Stage Door Lights" :- The Dome Concert Hall is part of a large complex (comprising of the Concert Hall, the Corn Exchange and the Studio Theatre which was formerly known as the Pavilion Theatre) that was built for the Prince Regent (later George IV) and completed in 1805. All three venues are linked to the rest of the Royal Pavilion Estate by an underground tunnel to the Royal Pavilion in the Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, England. The dome itself (not in shot) is 24 metres (79 ft) in diameter and 19 metres high and covers the main hall / auditorium. The building was originally the Prince Regent's riding stables but were converted into a concert hall somewhere around 1860. It is one of the few buildings to have both internal and external listings, both for its Indian-style exterior and for its 1930s Art Deco interior. This is a shot of the back of the hall with its back doors lit at night. The lights from the Pavilion Gardens cast huge ghostly shadows on the wall from the trees within the garden.

"One Man and His Dog" :- A simple shot with no frills. Uncluttered and free of life's torments. The "One Man and His Dog" can be seen on the far right of the image on the waterline near the old Victorian breakwater. Without them in the shot it would be hard to get a sense of scale, with them both in shot the enormity of our seas and our place on the planet hit home hard. We think we are everything, we think we are all, we think we are it but we are in fact nothing.

"Quire Light" :- A view inside the mighty Chichester Cathedral looking down through the Quire towards the West and the far end of the Cathedral and it's main entrance. Enough natural light to photograph is interior without assistance but still dark enough in places to enable the light from the lamps of the Quire to show up. You can also see the ornate stonework and craftsmanship of the Arundel Bell Screen which is the arched stone bridge across the end of the nave.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill