Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tempt You Up, Short Cut and Yellowing End

"Tempt You Up" :- A few days ago I had to venture into town as it was a friends leaving do / drink. I decided to walk in and took my camera along for the journey even though the darkness had seriously set in. From my front door to the cliffs and sea it's a 25 minute walk, once there the steps at Ovingdean gap lead down to the undercliff walk where you can then walk 1.7 miles (2.73 kilometers) to Brighton Marina and then walk another mile or so to the famous pier. On the way down the steps I noticed that the lower light had failed as I had to squint and concentrate on the last flight as I really didn't fancy falling down them. At the bottom I looked back up and this was the view I saw. I thought it looked dramatic and eerie so took my first shot of the night before venturing off into the darkness towards the lights of Brighton itself.

"Short Cut" :- This is just up the road from where I live. We are surrounded by rolling and undulating fields. Many bridleways and public footpaths cross the land but sometimes the really lazy ones decide to make their own routes and access points. The actual main gate and entrance to the dirt track and footpath is only a minute or two from here but someone obviously didn't have the energy to walk around and decided to somehow force their way through the undergrowth. of course once that happens you will find that many follow and before you know it a new and unofficial route has sprung up. As for me... I still go the long way around.

"Yellowing End" :- The beach at Ovingdean Gap is a beautiful, peaceful and calming place o find yourself. It's well away from the tourists that invade Brighton beach in their masses and is full of fascinating features, rock pools, chalk beds, pebbles, weed and remnants of Victorian ingenuity / madness. I love being there around sunset. The light catches the water and the wet rocks and bounces around in a way that would lead you to think it doesn't get out much. The salt air fills nostrils and lungs and after a while you can taste it on your lips.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill