Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Round Tower, Three Balconies and Paws

"The Round Tower" :- This looks to me like it's straight out of one of the Brother Grimm Fairy Tales, an artwork by Alan Lee or a book by +Philip Reeve (No Such This As Dragons or Here Lies Arthur). In actual fact it's the Church of St John in the village of Piddinghoe, situated between Lewes and Newhaven in Sussex, England. The nave and tower of the Church are early 12th Century and the round tower is one of only three in the entire county (the others can be found nearby in Southease and Lewes) and therefore a rarity and also somewhat of a puzzle. Virtually all Norman towers were built square and many have tried to speculate as to why the three towers (within a few miles of each other) were built round. Within the tower in this image there are three bells, two are uninscribed but the third one bears the date 1713.

"Three Balconies" :- I gotta come clean. I have no recollection of taking this photo at all but I know I did because it was in my camera the following day (and I don't allow anyone else to use it). I'd been drinking in a Brighton bar all evening and night and had rather far too much for my own good. When I eventually left the fine establishment I decided to walk the hour and a half home (I do remember this much) and I was carrying my tripod and camera. It came as quite a surprise to discover a few shots that I didn't remember but was delighted to find that even when staggering home in a drunken stupor my "artistic eye" is still focused and spotting very visual and interesting things. have since worked out where this was shot and it's Bristol Road in Kemp Town, Brighton.

"Paws" :- Peaceful, Karmic, Tranquil and stunningly serene. This is Brighton beach at low tide during a late afternoon / early evening sunset. In the distance (far right) the pier is just lighting up for the night in preparation of the thrills and noise of the fairground and amusements. This end of the seafront and beach is far more quiet. Just the sound of the tide washing in and drawing out and very little else to ruin the moment. A set of sandy tracks reveal that a dog has recently run along the waters edge getting some well earned exercise. The light slowly faded and I moved on after a minute or two towards the bright lights whilst listening to the buzz of Brighton slowly growing louder.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill