Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wicker Fence, As the Gull Flies and Gorham's Lane

"Wicker Fence" :- I shot this image somewhere between the villages of Kingston and Falmer. I was walking from Lewes over the downs to the village of was quite a long trek but a wonderful one. This old style woven wicker fence marked the boundary of a large field, it was wonderful to see it in place instead of some modern fencing. It made me think of medieval farms and how it must of been during the middle ages. There's nothing to date this shot other than the image itself . Apparently you couldn't take photos back in the middle ages!

"As the Gull Flies" :- This was taken at Seaford Head on the south coast of England. This was about as close to the edge as I wanted to be as the chalk cliff still crumbles from time to time and it was a long way down to the bottom. Wonderful views over the English Channel and an odd sensation looking down on Gulls in flight.

"Gorham's Lane" :- Shot in the village of Telscombe (approx two miles from the coast) in Sussex, England. It's a very small village with a population (approx) of 50 people. It's fairly remote and tucked well out of the way. I parked my car on the coast and walked over the down to get there. I could have driven there but its only access is a small winding road called "Gorham's Lane" which leaves the Lewes to Newhaven Road at Southease. Ambrose Gorham was a bookmaker and racehorse trainer who lived in Stud Farm in Telscombe in 1890. His horse "Shannon Lass" won the Grand National against all odds in 1902 and he ploughed his money into the village.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill