Friday, 20 December 2013

Wooden Decorations, Fenced In Storm and White Hart

"Wooden Decorations" :- Ah it's that time of year once again. In the village of Ovingdean (where I live) near Brighton on the south coast of England there's a wonderful little place that sells Christmas Trees and traditional wooden decorations. I think they do quite well as a business because I have not been passed it yet without seeing a multitude of cars parked outside and many people pouring over the good and items on sale. There's always a wonderful atmosphere and light the emits from the place. It makes me smile every time I drive past.

"Fenced In Storm" :- Moody and menacing. You could feel the electricity in the air as the wind was building up. The sky took on an odd shade of pinkish yellow which also raised the alarm that a huge storm was not only on its way but was about to wreak havoc on the Sussex coastline of England. I braced myself and managed to grab a shot or two before deciding to call it a day and hurry back home.

"White Hart" :- The White Hart Inn (or White Hart Hotel) is a coaching inn in the town of Crawley in West Sussex, England. The building was constructed and opened in 1770 replacing an older inn that was also known as the White Hart. Apparently architectural studies made in 1995 and 2003 have attributed a date to the southern part of the building as being somewhere in the region of 1600 which in turn suggests that the inn was built around a much older building. During the 19th Century it also served as being Crawley's main post office. The White Hart Inn was listed at Grade II on 23 February 1983.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill