Friday, 3 January 2014

A Sea of Brown, Dark Sights and Wild View

"A Sea of Brown" :- Shot from the beach somewhere between Ovingdean Gap and Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. It's the sort of thing that many wouldn't look at twice (if they noticed it at all) and would walk past without giving it any thought at all. However I am very different in the way that I see and look at things and noticed immediately that the blue containers (with holes in) stood out against the wonderful sepia and brown sand, rocks, sea wall, concrete and cliff face. The sea wall and undercliff walk were constructed in the 1930's at the base of the chalk cliffs which tower 25 meters above. The Brighton and Hove Council website says "The seawall was made of concrete blocks with protruding flints with a wave return parapet on the top. Behind this was the Undercliff Walk and at the foot of the cliff a 'splash wall' to protect the vulnerable chalk from erosion when waves overtopped the wall. On the wave cut platform a field of 98 groynes was built to capture shingle and develop beaches which would in turn defend the wall."

"Dark Sights" :- Dark, black and minimal. This is a shot of the pedestrian walkway / ramp that leads up to the promenade and seafront on the Eastern side of Brighton Marina. At night it's bleak, cold, desolate and dimly lit which in turn makes you watch your back and keep your senses alert and aware as you walk through. It's not the greatest place to find yourself in once night has fallen but if you happen to be armed with a tripod and camera it can make for some interesting images.

"Wild View" :- A picturesque view from a place called "High & Over" that's situated between the town of Seaford and the village of Alfriston in Sussex, England. You can clearly see part of the River Cuckmere winding it's way through the valley down below and you can also just make out the village of Litlington hiding in amongst the trees. Up on the horizon you can see the dense and vast mass of trees that is the 3,000 acre Friston Forest. With it's historical villages, towns and cities, huge open countryside, south downs and wonderful views Sussex is well worth a visit.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill