Friday, 17 January 2014

All Roads Lead to Rome, Heavenwards and Darkness Prevails

"All Roads Lead to Rome" :- I don't know the name of this lane, I looked it up on Google Maps but it appears to be nameless. It's location is just off Braypool Lane near the A27 above Patcham on the outskirts of Brighton. I'd been to visit the Chattri (a war memorial to the Indian soldiers that gave their lives fighting for the British Empire during the First World War) and decided to take a different route back in order to avoid the large bull field that I'd had to nerve wrackingly negotiate on my way out there. It has no road markings and the tarmac is breaking up in places (as you can see) which indicates to me that it's mainly an access road to the farms in that area.

"Heavenwards" :- I spent most of my time in Hove Cemetery playing hide and seek with a fox that I'd spotted shortly after entering the area. I was trying to take a few shots of some of the more interesting gravestones but kept spotting a vibrant dash of orange fur and a large bushy tail darting about in among the stones. I was hoping that it would freeze long enough for me to get a shot of it against the greys and greens but alas it was far too timid and ended up disappearing through the hedges and making its escape. This stone figure of a woman pointing skywards captivated me for some unknown reason so I felt obliged to photograph her.

"Darkness Prevails" :- These seawalls took an awful lot of abuse recently as the south coast of England (and other parts of Britain) were battered by a series of ferocious storms. The salt water waves were exploding against the walls and shooting up into the air with tremendous force. The undercliff walk managed to hold but was deep in water in places where the sea made it over the defences. But what if the walls and undercliff walk (built in the 1930's) had not been there? Surely the chalk cliffs would have suffered damage and possibly even crumbled and fallen away into the sea which in turn would have created chaos at the top of the cliffs due to the main A259 coast road that runs along their length.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill