Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Burmese Style Temple, Held at Bay and Mossy Stump

"Burmese Style Temple" :- This is Wat Sai Moon Myanmar in the southeast corner of the old part (known as Chaeng Katam) of the City of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its location was just behind where our apartment was so I only had a few minutes walk from our door to get there. Unfortunately I know very little about the temple and having searched the internet there is very little information out there other than its name and location (which I already knew). I do know that it's a relatively "new" temple having been built at some point in the 1800's, most of the temples in Chiang Mai were built in the 12th century or earlier. I also know that the design is Burmese (hence the Myanmar part of the name). It looks radically different from the other temples in the City as it's far less ornate and much simpler in its design and construction.

"Held at Bay" :- A view looking East along the beach at Hove towards Brighton. I was able to get the elevated angle and view because I had carefully walked out along the slippery Medina Groyne (also known as the 'Hove Walkway'). This entire area was hammered a few days ago by the ferocious storms that hit England. Much of the beach you seen this shot is now up and over the main promenade.

"Mossy Stump" :- Stanmer Park (on the outskirts of Brighton, UK) has many nature trails that wind through its many acres. You can walk for hours, taking in its views and fresh air with very little (if any) traffic noise, free from the burdens of modern life (unless you've brought your smartphone along with you). It's well worth a visit and certainly well worth the exercise. The park and village within the park are ancient, there's also a 18th Century Manor House (built in 1722) within its grounds.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill