Monday, 6 January 2014

Car Park Entrance, Consider This and Aquatic Static

"Car Park Entrance" :- This is a shot taken in King Place (Brighton) of the back of the multi-storey "Theatre Car Park" , it's vehicle entrance and exit is on the other side in the neighbouring road of Church Street. I'm not sure what exactly caught my eye or made me stop to grab the image but the play of light and the angles make for an interesting shot.

"Consider This" :- A moody and somewhat spooky night shot of a section of the recycled cast iron sculpture "Passacaglia" (1998) by Charles Hadcock. It's positioned on Brighton beach (approx) opposite Middle Street. The sculpture weighs 20 tonnes and is five meters high. I find it fascinating that the sculptor Charles Hadcock works creatively with multiples and numbers, such as Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section which is a ratio defined by the number Phi.

"Aquatic Static" :- Shot back in July 2013 on a ridiculously calm and balmy evening in Brighton. The sun was on its way down and instead of staying on the beach like a normally do I had the sense to walk out on the western arm of the Marina's huge protective wall. Doing that enabled me to get this image of a few yachts and boats that were taking in the sunset. On the far right of the mage you can see the end of Brighton Pier. I have posted a few similar shots before taken on the same evening, this is the last in the series.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill