Friday, 24 January 2014

Dark Horizon, Women of Britain & The Bus Stop

"Dark Horizon" :- I shot this moody and somewhat menacing looking seascape late yesterday afternoon (23rd January 2014). I'd originally intended to walk out along the Western arm of the Marina wall to try and catch the sunset but discovered repairs were being made to it due to some storm damage over the recent weeks and public access was closed off . I had to rethink my plan and ended up grabbing a few shots from the promenade and Brighton beach instead. As it turns out there wasn't much of a sunset either but the clouds and foreboding sea made up for it. I love the harsh contrasts of light in this image. Fortunately for Brighton the distant storm stayed out at sea and way beyond the horizon.

"Women of Britain" :- At first the title of this image appears rather odd and out of place. The shot is of the Beach Cafe at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England, everyone (apart from me) had vacated the area and the cafe was closing up for the night. I nipped down onto the beach and then rested the camera upon the sea wall to catch this atmospheric (and rather sneaky) shot. Anyway, the title refers to the poster that's on the wall inside the cafe. It reads "Women of Britain, say Go!" and it's a poster dating from 1915 that was put out by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee in order to try to get men to enlist in the army during World War I. I'm not quite sure why it's on the wall of this 1930's built block and cafe but I found it fascinating and therefore named the image after it.

"The Bus Stop" :- I know I shouldn't really say it about my own work but I do seriously love this over the top, gaudy & vibrant image. It's of the bus stop (hence the title) situated by the roundabout at Ovingdean. The twilight evening sky mixed with the orange glow of the street lights and created this heady and overwhelming colour explosion. If you find yourself on Marine drive (the A259) at Ovingdean with aching feet but need to get into the main city of Brighton (3 miles / 4.82 km to the West) then this is the bus stop you need. Behind the bus stop is the top of a cliff and beyond that is the vast expanse of water that we call the English Channel.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill