Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Glass & Stone, Ebb & Flow and What Lies Beyond

"Glass & Stone" :- Shot from within the ancient and historical Church of Saint John the Baptist in Clayton, Sussex, England. The view out the window looks south over the graveyard and up towards the downs where the Jack & Jill windmills (out of shot) sit. The church itself is a simple Anglo-Saxon building but is famous because of its extensive set of 12th century wall paintings. In 1893 Charles Eamer Kempe was restoring the interior of the church when he uncovered some of the paintings. More of the paintings were uncovered in 1917. English Heritage has listed the church at Grade I for its architectural and historical importance.

"Ebb & Flow" :- The beach at Ovingdean Gap is (approx) a mile away from where I live. I can drive down to it within 5 minutes or walk to it in 25. More often than not I'll choose the option to walk there and will then spend an hour or so taking in the sea air and open space before heading back. A couple of the large breakwaters on the beach fascinate me as they are concrete monstrosities but with large gaps halfway up them. I presume the gaps were to allow smaller wooden boats to pass from beach to beach but I am not 100% sure on that. Each one has a couple of large wooden sleepers bridging the gap to close some of it off.

"What Lies Beyond" :- A gate and stile provide access onto downland at Roedean on the south coast of England. This route is actually a very handy shortcut for me as the other end brings me out by the back of Ovingdean Church and into the village where I live. If I were to take the coast road route t would add (approx) an extra mile and a half to the journey. I did make the mistake of taking this shortcut at 2 am a few weeks ago and slipped on the wet stile which resulted in me body rolling in the dark on wet grass for some considerable distance in the farmers field before coming to a stop. The worst bit was that it was also a cow field. Nuff said.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill