Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hot Wheels, Floriana's Rotunda Cafe and Looking East

"Hot Wheels" :- I took this shot way back in December 2005. Having flown from all the way from England with my parents we decided to have a few days in Bangkok before heading up north to the city of Chiang Mai. Bangkok is great for a serious shopping experience so I thought I'd show them around and take them to a few of the big audacious shopping centres. The very first mall that we entered had this bright orange Lamborghini on display just inside the entrance with an obligatory pretty girl standing beside it.

"Floriana's Rotunda Cafe" :- Preston Park (in Brighton) was opened in 1883 on land purchased from the family that owned Preston Manor. During WWI the park was home to a First World War tank. The park was re-opened on 22 July 1929 and one of the new features was the Rotunda Cafe which was the work of Brighton Corporation’s Superintendant of Parks & Gardens, Captain Bert Hubbard MacLaren.

"Looking East" :- A shot of Brighton beach looking towards the huge marina in the East. The unmistakingly ornate and frilly iron railings are that of the Victorian pier which has been entertaining people for well over a century. It was sunny but very chilly and the beach was all but deserted apart from solitary figure who was wandering aimlessly down to the water's edge.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill