Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Light Spill, Divided We Stand and Pier Ramp

"Light Spill" :- A late afternoon / early evening shot of Brighton's famous Victorian Pier as seen from underneath the platform that supports the Brighton wheel. This section of the promenade is full of cafes, shops and public amenities so the platform that the Wheel is on still allows people on the lower prom access through. Neon light spills down onto the wet concrete (it had been raining all afternoon) creating a blue section of the walkway.

"Divided We Stand" :- March 2013 and we still had snow on the ground. In fact we'd had several months of it and were beginning to think that the chances of walking anywhere without slipping and sliding were negligible. Knowing this fact I stupidly decided to go for a walk along one of Stanmer Park's nature trails on the edge of Brighton. I didn't see a single soul and had the entire place to myself and I loved every minute of it. I think I must have walked for two hours in the ice and snow, cutting through the trees and heading along various paths. It felt like another world. It was quiet and peaceful as all sounds were deadened by the snow. It was wonderful.

"Pier Ramp" :- It's a real step back in time as you walk along the boards of the old pier on Eastbourne seafront in Sussex, England. If it wasn't for the backpacks, modern clothes and inability to move without staring at a mobile phone it would be easy to believe that you were in the 1800's. The look and feel of the pier is absolutely timeless. The construction of the pier commenced on 18th April 1866 and it was officially opened by Lord Edward Cavendish on 13th June 1870. Like all piers it suffered storm damage and certain sections had to be rebuilt. The pier at Eastbourne is unusual because it is built on stilts that rest in cups on the seabed which allows it to move in rough weather.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill