Friday, 10 January 2014

Sidewinder, Quiet Beach and Across the Garden

"Sidewinder" :- The Sidewinder pub is located in Upper St James's Street in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. It's quite deceptive from the street as once you are inside the bar stretches out quote a way and open up further into two beer gardens (one at the back and one off to the side). I have had many a fun (and drink) filled night spent here with friends. I have tried to find out a bit about the history of the building but have to admit I have come up with nothing to tell you. Typing "Sidewinder history" into the internet brings up missiles and snakes and nothing about pubs. Looking at the design of the exterior and the buildings location I think it's safe to say it was built somewhere in the 1800's.

"Quiet Beach" :- There are times when I am out with my camera that it feels like I am the only person on the planet. You get the odd moment where there's no traffic noise, no gulls crying overhead, no planes on their flight path over Brighton, no people on the beach, no children playing and nobody walking their dog. This was one of those moments. Brighton beach (with the pier just off to the right) completely empty and very still and calm. Just how I like it.

"Across the Garden" :- The jewel in the crown of all Brighton's history and historical grade I and grade II listed buildings has got to be without question the Royal Pavilion. It's now flanked on three sides by main roads but back in its day before tarmac was thrown around with abandon and council planners were allowed to run riot it must have looked very regal indeed. Fortunately its gardens are still intact and they sit in the middle of the Pavilion complex with the Museum, Dome concert hall (formerly the prince's riding stables) and Corn Exchange on the Northern side (the Pavilion is on the Eastern side of the gardens). To the West there's the pedestrianised New Road (which was built in 1803) where you will find the magnificent Victorian Theatre Royal (1807).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill