Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Skytrain Station, End On and Jubilee Gardens

"Skytrain Station" :- High above the busy streets and roads of Bangkok you will find the Bangkok Mass Transit System (commonly known as the BTS or the Skytrain). When I first visited Bangkok they were in the process of constructing the stations and putting all the links in place so the only way to get around back then was by Tuk Tuk or Taxi which could take forever due to the packed traffic in the city. The Skytrain was officially opened on 5th December 1999 by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and it made travelling around so much easier and a lot quicker. It's a very efficient and smooth ride too. The system comprises of 34 stations along two lines which are the Sukhumvit Line (North to East) and the Silom Line which serves the Central Business District of Bangkok and terminates at the National Stadium. This shot was taken high up in one of the stations on the Sukhumvit Line.

"End On" :- An unusual shot of one of the huge concrete breakwaters (Groynes) at Ovingdean Gap that help keep the sea at bay and at the same time stop the beaches from eroding away completely and in turn protect the chalk cliffs. This one has a gap in it that huge wooden sleepers can close up when slotted into the giant grooves on either end. On this particular day the sleepers had vanished so i was able to stand in the middle and take this shot. You can see just how well the breakwater does its job by the difference in beach levels on either side.

"Jubilee Gardens" :- This beautiful tree and lush green grass are tucked away and hidden well out of sight on the edge of lewes, a very historical town in Sussex, England. On the far western edge of the town there's a small lane called Juggs Road and just to the side of the road you'll find Jubilee Gardens which is a relatively small grassy area. The lane / road continues West across a bridge that runs over the A27 and then continues for a while before turning into a public footpath that wanders over the fields towards the village of Kingston.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill