Saturday, 4 January 2014

Southover Street, Curvature and Glow From Below

"Southover Street" :- I took this shot and created the image way back on the 1st March 2012 and it's been sitting on file patiently waiting to be posted ever since. This is Southover Street from the bottom and looking East up the hill towards the top. The first 10 years of my life were spent in this area as we lived in a road (near the top) that ran off 'Southover'. At the bottom e there was "The Level" a municipal park that had a travelling fair visit twice a year and at the top we had "Queen's Park" which was a grand old park with many trees and a large pond. This road was both awesome and lethal if you were on your bike or skateboard, you could get some serious and deadly speed up as a ten year old with no fear. This area of Brighton still holds many many memories for me.

"Curvature" :- A section of the 1930's built cliff top fortifications at Saltdean on the south coast of England. These also have walkways, ramps and steps (built into the cliff itself) that allow access to the undercliff walk and beach. This section is just to the side of the Whitecliff's Cafe which was formerly The Smugglers Haunt clifftop tearooms (opened on Whit Sunday 1925). Just beyond the fence at the top is the main coast road of Marine Drive which is part of the A259 (the A259 runs from Folkestone in the East right the way along to Havant in the West).

"Glow From Below" :- It's easy to forget just how great your surroundings are when you have lived there all your life or have stayed in the same place for a while. Complacency and apathy seem all too quick to settle in and dull the senses, they steal the wonderment and glaze over the eyes. Wandering around Brighton with my camera over the last couple of years has my reawakened my senses and my vision has been fully restored along with my very own sense of childlike inquisitivity. While many were driving past in their cars or wandering around the streets I was here, down on the beach. I was revelling in the low tide, rejoicing in the dying sunlight and marvelling at the play of light from the pier on the wet sand. How can anyone ignore such beauty? I found it breathtaking and always will no matter how long I stare at my same surroundings.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill