Sunday, 19 January 2014

St. Anthony of Padua Entrance, Hole in the Sky and Old Small Barn

"St. Anthony of Padua Entrance" :- This is just inside the entrance to the Catholic cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua in the city of Arad which is the third largest city in the western part of Romania. The Cathedral is relatively new compared to other Cathedrals in the world as this one was built between he monumental building of the church was built between 1902 and 1904 (the architect was Tabacovics Emil). Apparently the services and ceremonies in the Cathedral are held in the 3 languages of Hungarian, Romanian and German.

"Hole in the Sky" :- This is a section of the beach somewhere between Ovingdean Gap and Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. I was once again walking into town along the Undercliff walk and watching the sun slowly face behind a blanket of cloud. I stopped briefly to catch the light as it managed to break through and dance a momentarily on the salt water. The chalk rocks and pools are a constant reminder of how far far out the cliffs used to stretch and that nothing stands the test of time.

"Old Small Barn" :- This shot was a classic case of ignoring the big picture and exploring the area for a few different things. I'd driven out to Michelham Priory near Upper Dicker in East Sussex, England to have a look around but ended up photographing a few things in and around the car parking area instead. This old shed caught my eye as it hid in the shade of a large tree. Just beyond the greenery behind it lies the old moat of the priory itself. Michelham Priory was founded in 1229 but was dissolved in the 1537 dissolution of the monasteries by the notorious King Henry VIII.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill