Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Strong Arm, Waterwheel and Paper Lanterns

"Strong Arm" :- It's very rare that I actually take a stroll along either of the huge protective outer walls of Brighton's Marina. There are a few reasons for that which are 1) It's quite a long stroll only to turn around and walk back the same route 2) The weather is usually grey, cold and miserable and 3) Combine points 1 & 2 together and you get the picture! However on this day it was bright and sunny, though there was still a brisk wind which carried a chill factor with it. So this is a view near the far end of the Eastern protective arm that curves out and points to the west. The view is superb as you can clearly see the various points along the coastline (when it's clear enough to see). So, just left of centre you can make out a large building on the cliff top, that is the world famous independent day and boarding school of Roedean. Follow the cliffs along until the first dip and that dip is Ovingdean Gap where I often take other photographs on the beach, the building just to the left of the gap is Blind Veterans UK (formerly known as St Dunstan's). Moving along to the right the next dip you get to is the village of Rottingdean, the cliffs then rise and fall to arrive at Saltdean and then carry on past Telscombe to stop at Newhaven. At the very far end the cliffs suddenly rise up once again at Seaford Head.

"Waterwheel" :- A remnant of the past and something that you don't often see or come across anymore. This waterwheel can be found at Michelham Priory near Upper Dicker, East Sussex, England. Now, there are often stories connected to certain historical buildings and artifacts and the watermill at Michelham Priory is no different. According to legend whilst he was out hunting with Richer de l'Aigle (the Lord of Pevensey Castle) Thomas Becket actually fell into the mill stream at Michelham! The full story , history and information about the mill can be found and viewed here The Michelham Priory Watermill

"Paper Lanterns" :- A couple of paper lanterns hang motionless in the still hot air of Wat Chedlin, a temple in the heart of the old city of Chiang Mai. It's situated along Proprakklao Road and is a temple I used to visit on a weekly basis as it was just a 10 minute walk from our apartment. At the back of the temple there's a beautiful and very tranquil water garden where I used to sit, away from the noise of the traffic and bask in the warmth of the Thai sun. Much to my surprise I have just found the temple has it's own G+ page but it looks like it's not very active at all

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill