Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sun or Moon, Clifftop Steps and Midday Bandstand

"Sun or Moon" :- An atmospheric shot taken from Brighton beach just West of the Marina. It's not the moon at all but the sun trying its best to put on a display as it set but not making a very good job of it. I'd taken the car into town hoping that I catch a magnificent show as the sun dropped behind the horizon but this was one of those occasions where very little happened and I simply walked back to the car and went home. It has always fascinated me that the sun and moon and at huge and very different distances to our Earth and yet they both appear to be the same size from our point of view. Our planet just "happens" to be n the perfect spot for life. It's known as the "Goldilocks principle", where something falls within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes. Here on planet earth we are simply "not too hot, not too cold and just right".

"Clifftop Steps" :- You may have seen a few images of mine that depict the steps by the beach on the undercliff walk at the bottom of Ovingdean Gap (South coast of England). Well, this is the other end, high up on the cliff top and near the main coast road. Built in the 1930's they now look very dated, old and worn but they still serve their purpose very well and are used daily by many wanting to access the beach down below. This is the way I go when I decide to walk into Brighton. It's quiet and peaceful down at the bottom of the cliffs with only the sound of the sea and the odd gull to interrupt my thoughts.

"Midday Bandstand" :- Sometimes it just all simply falls together. Without having to do much or ever look for it the image is there before you and goading you take the shot. This was one of those occasions. I was walking back from Hove along the promenade towards Brighton. Not a lot had caught my attention and as I neared the famous Victorian bandstand (opened in 1884) I could see someone standing in it and had decided not to grab a shot and too simply move on. It wasn't until I got to the steps of the bandstand that I realised due to the time of year the midday sun was low enough to be directly behind it, causing the entire structure and the lone figure of the (Japanese) Gentleman to go into semi silhouette. I like to break rules (always have done) and one rule I was always told at art college was never to take a photograph into the sun. Now I have often found this rule / law to be phooey and poppycock so with utter and complete disregard I took the shot anyway. Having seen the final image I can safely say that I am pleased I never paid much attention to my tutors.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill