Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sunset at Medina Groyne, Church on the Hill and Electric Avenue

"Sunset at Medina Groyne" :- In idyllic and peaceful beach scene shot back in November by the Medina Groyne in Hove on the south coast of England. The calm before the storm as the last couple of weeks have seen raging storms hit much of Britain and this entire area was under a raging and tormentous sea. In fact much of the beach is now up on the promenade because the sea literally shunter it up and over, shifting is several feet and quite a distance. Anyway, timing was once again perfect for me for this shot as the sunset coincided with the low tide which exposed the shimmering wet sand and amplified the beauty of it all.

"Church on the Hill" :- This is Saint Margarets Church in the ancient village of Ditchling in sussex, England. The path leads up from Lodge Hill Lane past the museum and into the Church grounds and graveyard. The church that you see here sits on a sandy knoll overlooking the village and dates from the late 12th century. Remains of an earlier Saxon church can be found in the lower walls of the nave.

"Electric Avenue" :- Stunning isn't it! Hard to believe that this was once all beach and sea and that the greenery (to the left of the shot) and concrete is actually the base of a chalk cliff. By clever placing of breakwaters and stone groynes the Victorians made use of the natural West to East longshore drift and slowly built up the beach along the coast to help protect Brighton. They did such a good job of it that Madeira Drive was built at the base of the cliff (where the sea had once been) in 1823 and was extended to form a long, wide carriageway in 1872 and 1895. In 1890 the ornate iron arches and terrace were constructed which run along the length of the lower seafront road. This shot is at the far Eastern end of the arches near Duke's Mound. This section is illuminated at night in a rich neon blue with white strip lights shining down on the path. The other end of the arches is unfortunately now closed to the public due to safety concerns.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill