Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Cuckmere Estuary, Ready For Action and Overtime

"The Cuckmere Estuary" :- An incredible view of the Cuckmere Estuary as seen from a place called "High & Over" situated on the Alfriston Road near Seaford, Sussex, England. The estuary is an area of flood plains where the river Cuckmere flows south to meet the English Channel. During the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries the beach was famously used by smugglers as it was the perfect landing area to bring in goods. It's unusual in that most estuaries or river mouths end up being built upon and turned into ports or harbours but Cuckmere has remained on the whole untouched apart from the odd building on the cliff top and some old WWII pillboxes, anti-tank blocks and earthworks.

"Ready For Action" :- This is the "Socha Vojáků" (statue of a soldier) in Avram Iancu Square in the city of Arad in Romania. It's actually a monument to the Unknown Soldier and was put in place in 1960 in honor of those who fought for the liberation of Transylvania during the Second World War. The square is surrounded by very colourful Baroque styled houses. It was an overcast but sunny day and I would have dearly loved to have explored Arad further but we were limited to time so after grabbing a bite to eat we moved one.

"Overtime" :- This is the back of New England House as seen from Providence Place in Brighton. It was late at night and the building was still ablaze in light as various poor souls toiled and worked their way towards another day. On both sides of New England House the outside stairs are meshed over on the lower level which indicates that it's not to stop employees from falling or jumping but more to stop outsiders from gaining entry by climbing up. The eight story building (located in Brighton, Sussex, England) was opened in 1963 and (believe it or not) was the worlds first purpose built high rise industrial business centre. The design is outdated and from the outside the building looks rather shabby and grey but the building is still in constant use by many different companies.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill