Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Theatre and Bar, Set For a Night Out and Still

"Theatre and Bar" :- A wonderfully moody but colourful shot of the Theatre Royal and Colonnade Bar in New Road, Brighton, England. It had been raining for hours so the pedestrianised road was reflecting a lot of the light spill. In 1806 the Prince of Wales gave Royal Assent for the Theatre Royal to be built and it opened on 27th June 1807, with a performance of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. In 2007 the theatre celebrated its 200th anniversary.

"Set For a Night Out" :- A fishing boat waits patiently in the outer harbour of Brighton Marina before it heads off into the darkness and deep waters of the English Channel. Supplies are piled up on the quayside ready to be loaded onboard. It's the quiet before the storm as all around is peaceful and deadly still.

"Still" :- This was shot an entire year ago in January 2013. We'd been hit reasonably hard with snow on the south coast and the village where I live was transformed into a white visual treat. This image was shot inside the grounds of St Wulfran's Church, an 11th century church nestling on the edge of The South Downs. It's mentioned in the Domesday Book (written in 1086) and is one of the oldest buildings in the City of Brighton and Hove.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill