Friday, 7 February 2014

Cold as Ice, Ovingdean Cafe and Land of Make Believe

"Cold as Ice" :- The ever changing face of the beach at Ovingdean Gap (Near Brighton) on the south coast of England. The glistening chalk bed mixes with the blue light of a dying day to create a cold but very beautiful scene. I'd actually made my way to the beach to catch the sunset but was delighted to find this "new look" waiting for me. The storm clouds thankfully added to drama and stayed some distance away.

"Ovingdean Cafe" :- There can't be many cafes located at the bottom of cliffs so that must make the cafe at Ovingdean Gap (on the south coast of England pretty unique. It's architectural look gives ts age away as the round windows, gentle curves and undulating roof screams out the stylings of the 1930's. In fact the entire undercliff walk was constructed during the 1930's because they knew that something needed to be done to try and halt and hold at bay the erosion of the cliffs. they did it well too. Recently the south coast of England has been battered by heavy seas, winds and rain and the coastline has been falling away into the sea at an alarming rat ( Hastings and Birling Gap have had serious cliff falls over the last few weeks). Ovingdean's cliffs have escaped any erosion thanks to the ingenuity of those in the 1930's. The lone dark figure at the top of the cliff on the right hand side makes this shot for me.

"Land of Make Believe" :- This is a jaw dropping view of the Cuckmere Estuary situated between the towns of Eastbourne and Seaford on the Sussex coast in England. Most estuaries became used as ports and were built up over time before turning into small villages or towns but for one reason or another Cuckmere Haven remained natural with very little being built upon it. To the far left of this image you can see the mighty Friston Forest starting to spread it's acreage out in all directions. In the distance you can see where the River Cuckmere meets the English Channel and can also see where the huge chalk cliffs of the "Seven Sisters" rises up from out of nowhere. To the right there's a large clump of trees just by the shimmering river, nestled in that corner by the Exceat Bridge there's a pub called the "The Golden Galleon" which has got to be one of the most stunning places to build a public house in the UK.

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill