Sunday, 16 February 2014

DaVinci Clouds, Divided We Stand and Doors of Time

"DaVinci Clouds" :- Shot from the East Dean Road (A259) as it nears the turning for Beachy Head (the highest cliff face in Britain) and just before the road drops and winds down into the town of Eastbourne. Farmers fields flank the road on either side and it's easy to forget just how close to the picturesque coast you are when driving along this route. Of course the tell tale sign that you are near the coast is the fact that the English Channel can clearly be seen from various points along the road and in this shot it is very visible.

"Divided We Stand" :- Well, here she is. During the recent and never ending storms that battered the UK and its coastlines our famous ruins of the West Pier took a direct hit. A major structural section of her couldn't stand the barrage, gave up the fight and fell into the sea. So now she stands in two sections, still defiant and still pulling in the photographers and tourists. As many of you know by now she is a muse of mine and it breaks my heart to see her like this. However, she's still a beauty and I still love her as much as ever.

"Doors of Time" :- This is the door to "Wings Place" in Ditchling in Sussex, England. It's a large 16th-century timber-framed house and is a Grade 1 Listed Building. Henry Poole was given the house (as part of the dowry) when he got married and there he lived with his wife until he died on 28th March 1580. It's easy to forget just how much ancient and wonderful history there is in the UK. You can easily spin a bottle and head off in the direction it finally points in and bump into historical things along the route. Ditchling is just 13 km (8 miles) from Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill