Friday, 28 February 2014

Fallen Sky, Rainy Lane and Just Fantasy

"Fallen Sky" :- Heavy, oppressive and downright evil. This was the view a week ago (21st Feb 2014) as I walked along the undercliff walk towards Brighton Marina. I was the only soul down there and nothing stirred apart form the pounding of the waves as I hurriedly made my way for cover before the rain was unleashed. I nearly made it. I was just on the Eastern arm of the Marina when the rain eventually decided to fall in torrents but managed to find some shelter and waited for it to die down before continuing on my way into Brighton itself.

"Rainy Lane" :- A late night and very wet image of Duke's Lane in Brighton. The lane looks reasonably old and blends in well with The Lanes which were part of the original settlement of Brighthelmstone (Brighton's original name). The truth is Duke's Lane is not old at all, it's not 18th Century nor is it 19th Century as it was actually constructed in the 1980's. The shops that you find down here are mainly fashion orientated with a couple of beauty shops thrown in along with a skateboard store, jewelers, hairdressers and a coffee shop.

"Just Fantasy" :- This is Brighton's Royal Pavilion (as sen from the Pavilion Gardens) after dark. It's probably one of the most famous buildings within the south of England and has been used in music videos, films and documentaries. I have also seen images of it in a shop window in New York's Greenwich Village and a large photo of it is also hanging in the stairwell of the British Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. It's a truly beautiful and stunning building with a rich and vibrant history attached to it but is often overlooked (as if it's not even there) by many of the people living in Brighton and considered purely to be a tourist attraction.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill