Monday, 10 February 2014

Hammered, Hip to be Square and Victorian Street Light

"Hammered" :- The English channel as seen from Hove promenade. I took the shot a few days after one of the bad storms had hit the south coast of England. A clean up operation had been put in place but many of the pebbles that had been picked up and dumped on the prom were still there and adding a tinge of brown to the otherwise grey scene. An image can correctly grab the look of a place but it's not often that an image will capture accurately the feel of what it was like to be there. This one does. It was cold, wet, damp and deserted.

"Hip to be Square" :- This looks like it could be the entrance to some huge underground military installation or even the heavily protected headquarters of yet another James Bond villain intent on world domination. In realty it's the very bland 1970's built exit tunnel that leads up from Brighton Marina. The road is actually called "Marina Way" and from here (depending on which lane you are in) it will take you up onto Marine Drive and lead you into Brighton itself or lead you up to the junction of Roedean Road and Wilson Avenue. It's practical and serves its purpose but with very little redeeming features incorporated into its design.

"Victorian Street Light" :- Rain, rain and more rain. Brighton has looked like a typical British seaside resort over the last few weeks as we have been battered and side swiped by seriously rough weather (along with the rest of Britain). Due to wear and tear over the years parts of the promenade undulate, it's certainly not flat which means during wet weather large puddles form in places and reflect the Victorian finery of the lamps and iron railings. This shot was taken on the promenade (just opposite the Kings Hotel) near the ruins of the West Pier (what's left of them).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill