Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hold Me Close, Omega III and Bench & Chair

"Hold Me Close" :- Shot from the pier on Brighton seafront during more peaceful times and well before we even realised storms were going to devastate the front. I walked down this way this afternoon, the entire area that you see in this image is now closed off to the public. The entire beach has been shifted by the sea and there's damages right the way along.

"Omega III" :- This is a darker and more non touristic view of Brighton. Even though it's a thriving seaside resort it still has its share of rundown, disheveled and sometimes derelict buildings. This one is located in Preston Street which leads from the Kings Road on the seafront up to Western Road where most of the shops are.

"Bench & Chair" :- An old bench on the undercliff walk at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England is kept company by a younger and fresher looking plastic garden chair. The light was beginning to fail and the light from the road above as well as the lights from the 30's built stairwell were spilling over illuminating the concrete giving it an odd pink glow.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill